Central Aroostook Association offers a variety of day program services for adults with developmental disabilities. These individualized programs can include either center based or community based activities. This program offers activities to promote self-maintenance, physical fitness, self motivation, social skills, behavioral skills, safety, and problem solving. Physical, occupational and speech therapy carry over is available for individuals who need that service. The program also promotes the integration of developmental skills necessary for semi or independent daily living.

Central Aroostook Association offers individualized programs designed to increase independence, improve independent functioning and independent living. The community based programs offer a variety of community inclusion activities for the individuals we serve in the adult programs. Activities include volunteering in different communities, using community facilities and gaining knowledge about the community. The pre-vocational program assists individuals with job seeking skills so they can explore employment opportunities for the type of work they would like to do.

Central Aroostook Association is pleased to offer tours to prospective individuals and their families who wish to determine if our Association is a good fit. We provide, with advance notice, comprehensive tours of our facilities and the ability to participate in activities while visiting.

Please contact Paula Perkins for all youth services at (207)554-4518 and April Archer for adult services at (207)554-4540


Criteria for admission is program dependent based on youth or adult services. Please do not hesitate to discuss these qualifications with our respective program leaders who can familiarize you on the processes.

Please contact Steve Richard, Executive Director, at (207)554-4515 for additional information.


No person shall be excluded from the services of the Central Aroostook Association because of race, creed, religion, sexual preference, handicapping condition or national origin.  There shall be no segregation of those served on the basis of race, creed, religion, sexual preference, handicapping condition or national origin, nor shall there be discrimination on the above set out basis with regard to hiring, assignment, promotion, or other conditions of staff employment.  Membership and the governing body of this organization are open to representation from all segments of the public.