Shared Living is one option in a range of housing and support services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autistic disorders. Shared Living is supported by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) through the MaineCare program (Section 21 and 29, Home and Community-Based Waiver Services) as one of the least restrictive and most cost effective options of home support services available in Maine. Shared Living allows an individual to live in a family-style setting and become a member of the household, the family, and the community.

The Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS) within DHHS is strongly supportive of Shared Living and will take steps to continue to grow this option for housing and living supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities and autistic disorders. The DHHS regulatory framework implements a team approach to the provision of shared living services, with each member of the team playing a key role in the success of the model. Shared Living is for any individual with intellectual disabilities or autism who prefers to live in a family-type home, who is eligible for MaineCare services under the Section 21 or 29 Home and Community-Based Waiver, and whose Person-Centered Planning (PCP) team has determined this to be an appropriate living option. Shared Living can be for any individual if the correct match is found. For example, Shared Living is generally not designed for individuals with nursing care needs unless the Shared Living Home Provider has the experience and skills to meet those needs. Central Aroostook Association is the oversight agent of services delivered by the Provider in the home.

For more information becoming a Shared Living Home Provider or living in a Shared Living Home contact Allen Deeves (207)554-4544