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A woman with short red-brown hair wearing a grey sweatshirt looks up at a man with white hair who is wearing a blue long sleeved shirt

Kelly Randall – Adult Services

  • Be honest and transparent
  • Engage and energize
  • Listen
  • Incorporate accountability
  • Equality amongst programs
  • Value and respect
  • Encourage and Empower

Kelly exemplifies all of the qualities of BELIEVE each and every day. She is always upbeat and positive. She goes out of her way to engage the individuals we serve as well as to energize her fellow staff members. Kelly consistently brings new and fun ideas to her team and is always listening to what the individuals interests are. Kelly is open and honest with her supervisor, peers and the individuals served. Kelly always takes responsibility for herself and her actions. I see Kelly treat the individuals with the highest level of respect as she realizes how valuable they are to the Association and how valuable the Association is to the individuals.

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